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Are you looking for one on one instruction? The New Orleans Writers Workshop offers following services:


Manuscript critiques, which consist of big picture feedback about anything from a short story to a book length project. Ideal for the writer who is finished (or nearly finished) with the drafting stage, this is big picture feedback designed to help you make substantial revisions and figure out the next step for the project as a whole.

Editorial services, which consist of a closer reading, dealing with style and tone, as well as mechanical and grammatical issues. These services may also include suggestions for revision, always with the understanding that we want to polish and improve your distinct voice.

Proofreading, which is the final step in bringing work to a publishable state, includes fine tuning your grammar, checking your spelling, and formatting you work for submission to literary magazines, contests, or anywhere else you might send it.

Every writer is different, and so is every book. Therefore, if you have a project in any genre—poetry, fiction, or nonfiction—we can help, please contact us to discuss.